About Us

Engineering Partners International LLC (Engineering Partners) was formed in July 2001 and currently maintains an office in Richfield (Minneapolis), Minnesota. As the company name implies, the Principals are also partners in this venture. However, the term extends to our clients, who we also view as Partners in each and every assignment. In this era of mega firms, Engineering Partners believes there is still a place for niche firms who truly covet client relationships, understand their client’s needs and can deliver high quality service to their clients through experienced, senior personnel.


Engineering Partners is a specialized consulting engineering firm, and practices primarily in the areas of structural, foundation, geotechnical, and construction engineering. Our core business consists of providing analysis and design services for construction of the following types of projects:

  • Structural and foundation design for buried civil works and underground structures
  • Earth retention systems – permanent and temporary
  • Underpinning of existing structures
  • Soil and rock anchors
  • Soil nail walls
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Deep foundation systems – micropiles, helical piles, driven piles, drilled piers
  • Equipment foundations

  • Sheet pile retention and foundation walls
  • Cofferdams
  • Tunnel access pits and shafts
  • Tunneling and pipe jacking
  • Soil grouting and solidification
  • Caisson structures
  • Instrumentation of excavations and earth structures
  • Structural shoring and demolition plans